Hulk Hogan has run through a string of bad luck lately. First, a story emerges on National Enquirer showing him making racially offensive statements. Then, the WWE dropped him from the Australia tour and replaced him with Shawn Michaels. Finally, yesterday, we learned that Hogan lost his restaurant and bar.

A stint like that may send some into a dark chasm of despair, but not The Hulkster. In fact, Hogan thinks he is a viable candidate for one more match, according to and interview with UK Star.

An excerpt from the interview, according to Cageside Seats, quotes Hogan as having said:

“There’s a lot of wrestling opportunities out there. WWE would be a great place to end my career. Everything would have to be very calculated. I’d want to go out there one last time to have fun. It would have to be something I’d really have to have a handle on, because I can’t afford any more downtime or surgery.”

Editor’s Note: While Hogan avoided specifically mentioning “Wrestlemania 32,” no other PPV seems fitting for Hogan to end his career. Despite his missteps, this is the man who helped make “Wrestlemania” and event that ESPN now wants to cover. Follow Bill Kline on Twitter @RealBillKline or on Facebook.


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