• It Happens To Everyone: AEW Star Wrestling Injured

    It happens to everyone. There are all kinds of injuries that can take place in wrestling and that is a horrible reality that the wrestlers have to face. At the...

    NewsApril 10, 2021
  • AEW Dynamite Results – April 7, 2021

    NewsApril 8, 2021
  • First Time Ever Gimmick Match Taking Place On May 5 Dynamite

    Yeah I’d say that’s big. There are certain gimmick matches that just feel more special that others. It is the kind of match that feels like the be all and...

    NewsApril 7, 2021
  • VIDEO: Major Angles Takes Place To End AEW Dynamite

    There they go again. AEW is in an interesting place as they approach the two year anniversary of their first show. The roster is stacked and things are starting to...

    NewsApril 7, 2021
  • Surprising Return Confirmed For This Week’s AEW Dynamite

    He’s back. There are all kinds of celebrities in wrestling history and some of them have had quite the impact. Bringing a celebrity into wrestling is one of the trickiest...

    NewsApril 6, 2021
  • AEW Star Has One Of The Weirdest Injuries Ever

    That’s a weird one. There are all kinds of injuries in wrestling and some of them are a lot more serious than others. Over the years, wrestlers have had their...

    NewsApril 5, 2021
  • Details On Chris Jericho’s AEW Contract

    NewsApril 4, 2021
  • When AEW Wrestlers Could Start Heading To WWE

    It would be a big change. The Wednesday Night Wars are coming to an end and that is a bit of a shame for wrestling fans. There have been some...

    NewsApril 4, 2021
  • AEW’s Chris Jericho Appearing On WWE Network

    I’d call that a big get. The wrestling world has changed a lot in the last few years and there is a good chance that the changes are going to...

    NewsApril 2, 2021
  • I’ll Take Two: AEW Releases Life Size Chocolate Bars

    I’d buy one. Merchandising has been one of the most important parts of wrestling for a very long time now. It is something that makes all the sense in the...

    NewsApril 1, 2021