Rusev Reportedly Injured During "Smackdown" Tapings, Status UnknownEver since the news of Lana and Rusev getting engaged went public, there have been conflicting rumors about how it was leaked, or if it was given to the press. Some reports say that TMZ leaked the story off of social media and it was said that Vince McMahon was unhappy with the story getting out. 

Other sources have claimed that WWE was aware of their engagement and ran the Summer Rae proposal segment as a way to bleed real life into WWE reality. Overall, it’s a mess of a situation and WWE not only went public with it on, but they put the angle on Monday Night Raw which directly went against six months of programming for all involved.

Now that WWE has gone public with it, they have to shift and change some of their storylines, especially those directly affecting Rusev and Lana. Summer Rae dumping Rusev and Ziggler moving on are good ways of doing that, but there are several other ways the Rusev and Lana engagement is affecting WWE.

Here are 7 ways Lana and Rusev’s engagement is directly affecting WWE:


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