• KB’s Review: Story Time

    I titled this week’s Monday Night Raw review “May All Your Walls Be Sticky” because it was pretty obvious that they were throwing whatever they could think of out there...

    BlogsAugust 6, 2020
  • KB’s Review: That Doesn’t Make It Better

    BlogsJuly 30, 2020
  • KB’s Review: The Gimmicked Gimmick Show

    Extreme Rules has come and….hang on. Actually it was The Horror Show At Extreme Rules. Yeah that’s the brilliant name that WWE came up with for this shindig and no...

    BlogsJuly 23, 2020
  • KB’s Review: Dang He’s Good

    Just like in any other sport or field of almost any kind, there are names who keep popping up over and over when you look at the best in the...

    BlogsJuly 15, 2020
  • KB’s Review: A Tale Of Two Vacations

    It’s that time of year again. You know the one I mean. Ok maybe you don’t because that could mean a lot of different things. I’m talking about the time...

    BlogsJuly 8, 2020
  • Mick Foley

    KB’s Review: The Good List

    I don’t remember the last time that the wrestling world had so much bad news in a row. It seems like we can’t go a single day without some kind...

    BlogsJuly 1, 2020
  • KB’s Review: On The SpeakOut Movement

    BlogsJune 25, 2020
  • KB’s Review: The Gold And Or Silver Secret

    Titles are one of the most important things in a wrestling company. There are all kinds of gold (and silver) floating around almost every wrestling promotion and there always will...

    BlogsJune 18, 2020
  • KB’s Review: What Are They Expecting?

    Wrestling is a lot like any other form of entertainment, in that the matches and stories have to be built up over time. You can’t just run a major match...

    BlogsJune 10, 2020
  • KB’s Review: Somebody Check That Marquee

    Arn Anderson, one of the best wrestling minds of our time, is know for saying some version of “it says wrestling on the marquee.” Well kind of, as it tends...

    BlogsJune 3, 2020