• RUMOR KILLER On WWE Superstar Being Pregnant

    I’m guessing that’s a no? Wrestlers have a very complicated schedule with one show after another. This is hardly easy to make work for anyone, let alone the top stars...

    NewsMay 18, 2024
  • RUMOR KILLER On Tiffany Stratton vs. Bianca Belair SmackDown Match

    NewsMay 17, 2024
  • RUMOR: WWE Moving PLE’s Back To Sundays

    This is only a rumor, so take it for what it’s worth. While speaking at the post-show press conference following the most recent UFC Fight Night event in St. Louis,...

    RumorsMay 13, 2024
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Liv Morgan Reaches Impressive Accomplishment In WWE

    She’s #1. There are a lot of talented women’s wrestlers in WWE and it is rather impressive to see how far the division has come in recent years. Women have...

    NewsMay 12, 2024
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Major City Planning Bid For Double Anniversary WrestleMania

    They have a plan. Last weekend, WWE announced that WrestleMania 41 will be taking place at Allegiant Stadium near Las Vegas, Nevada in 2025. This marks the end of a...

    NewsMay 9, 2024
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Why WWE Did Not Shake Things Up In The Draft, More Changes To Come?

    They had a reason. The most recent editions of SmackDown and Monday Night Raw were focused on the annual WWE Draft, with dozens of wrestlers being selected to either of...

    NewsMay 1, 2024
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Bad News On MJF’s Recovery From Injury

    NewsApril 29, 2024
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Roman Reigns Could Be Gone From WWE TV For A Rather Long Time

    That’s a good while. We are done with WrestleMania 40 and the biggest story coming out of the show was Cody Rhodes defeating Roman Reigns to become the new WWE...

    NewsApril 18, 2024
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Changing Another Longstanding Vince McMahon Rule

    That’s them. There are all kinds of changes taking place in WWE at the moment and it is interesting to see what is going on now that so many of...

    NewsApril 18, 2024
  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Former WWE/AEW Superstar Seems To Tease Involvement In Bray Wyatt Inspired Stable

    Him? There have been all kinds of Superstars throughout WWE’s history and a small handful of them have been able to make a lasting impact. Those are the stars whose...

    NewsApril 17, 2024