Possible Update on Sami Zayn's Injury and Main Roster Status

It’s one of the most consistent complaints about John Cena that makes absolutely no sense. It’s just a case of people disliking Cena and hating everything and everyone he touches, but you don’t get where he is by only putting yourself over. Cena has been a core member of the WWE roster since 2005. In ten years, he’s been the one to put over many guys, but he’s still constantly scrutinized by a lot of fans for never putting anyone over.

What’s made his United States Championship run so successful is it’s been a weekly highlight to watch John Cena against a new and typically younger opponent. The fact is John Cena is the one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history and anyone that can put on compelling matches with him has instantly escalated their game.

Here are 7 examples of John Cena legitimately putting over other wresters:


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