For the first time ever, Bubba Ray and D-von Dudley appeared together on the October 14th edition of “Talk is Jericho.”

During the podcast, The Dudleys explained the initial reason for their departure in 2005. As Bubba Ray explained it, with the Dudleys appearing on TV for about five straight years without a break. Finally, Vince McMahon told the Dudleys “I have used you guy so much. I just have nothing for you.”

Regarding their success, The Dudleys said, without hesitation, they represent the most decorated tag team of all time given their number of tag title reigns in ECW, WWE and TNA.

D-Von remarked on the days where he was accompanied by Deacon Batista with the money box, which D-Von got to keep. On one night, he said he made $300 to $400.

Jericho commented on how protective The Dudley Boyz were of their finishing move, the 3-D. Bubba Ray recounted only two wrestlers they allowed to kick out from the 3-D. The signature move became so famous that it provided a catalyst for their name change when they went to TNA as Team 3-D.

On their departure from TNA, D-Von said that he left because of differences in opinion with creative direction. Bubba said that “the well had run dry,” but wished the company the best.

Jericho mentioned how most partners in tag teams tend to dislike one another, unlike Bubba Ray and D-Von. The trio named two other tag teams that actually liked each other: The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian. Of course, those three teams created magic in the ring, innovating the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

D-Von thought back to the time that he dangled from the cable with Jeff Hardy, reminding people how afraid he was of heights.

“I was begging Jeff,” D-Von said. “Please stop kicking me.”

For the full “Talk is Jericho” podcast, click here.

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