• 205 Live Results – January 21, 2022

    205 Live Date: January 21, 2022 Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett We are almost up to the Royal Rumble and that is not likely...

    NewsJanuary 23, 2022
  • WWE Might Have To Make Major Change To Upcoming Pay Per View

    NewsJanuary 23, 2022
  • A WWE Title Record Was Broken This Week (And That Makes It More Impressive)

    That’s what they are made for. With so many wrestlers on the WWE roster, it cannot be easy to make yourself stand out. One of the few ways to do...

    NewsJanuary 22, 2022
  • WATCH: Roman Reigns vs. Edge From Money In The Bank 2021

    Everyone is back. WWE has posted a new video to its YouTube channel in which they show the full match between Roman Reigns and Edge for the Universal Championship from...

    VideosJanuary 22, 2022
  • Two Top NXT Names May Be In The Royal Rumble *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

    Join the field? We are about a week away from this year’s WWE Royal Rumble and that means it is time to really hammer home the show’s namesake matches. The...

    NewsJanuary 22, 2022
  • WWE Bringing Back Long Running Series After Two Year Hiatus

    Back on the schedule. There is a lot of WWE programming in any given week. The amount of wrestling available to any fan is nothing short of astounding and it...

    NewsJanuary 22, 2022
  • 205 Live Results – January 14, 2022

    NewsJanuary 22, 2022
  • REVIEW: Royal Rumble 2007: Worst To First

    Welcome to KB’s Old School (and New School) Reviews. I’ve been reviewing wrestling shows for over twelve years now and have reviewed over 6,000 shows. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,...

    FeaturesJanuary 22, 2022
  • I Know You: Half A Dozen Guest Stars Appear On WWE SmackDown

    Get them a star for their door. There are a lot of people on the WWE roster, to the point that they are able to split the American wrestlers into...

    NewsJanuary 22, 2022
  • Seth Rollins Makes Rare Direct Reference To AEW Star On WWE SmackDown

    Who was that again? As is the case in almost any other job, wrestlers often move from one employer to another. In this case, wrestlers jump from promotion to promotion,...

    NewsJanuary 22, 2022