Brock Lesnar to Compete Against The Undertaker at "Hell In A Cell"

In less than two weeks, the final encounter between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker will occur at and within “Hell in a Cell”. This will be the third match in their recent and final trilogy of matches that began at Wrestlemania 30 when Lesnar broke The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak. At this year’s Summerslam, Taker would seek revenge, but controversy would keep it from being a totally fulfilling victory.

This is another trilogy to add to the list of some of the greatest wrestling trilogies to have been created by two performers so intertwined that it takes three matches to solve their issues and truly declare a better man.

Recently, the John Cena vs. Kevin Owens trilogy comes to mind over this past summer. In the past, other great feuds like Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels through 2008 comes to mind. John Cena and Edge had a great trilogy of matches that catapulted Edge’s career to new heights and Cena’s storytelling inside the ring to the same heights. In WWE history, there is Cena vs. Orton, Austin vs. Hart, or even Triple H vs. Mick Foley to name some that are not as discussed as others.

If you search through WWE history, there are some trilogies that define Hall of Fame careers. In many ways, they define WWE and the industry at it’s best. Here are 7 of those trilogies that not only represented the best of WWE, but shaped it to become what it is today.




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