• WATCH: Steve Austin Does His Thing In A Las Vegas Bar

    It’s kind of his thing. Certain wrestlers are known for various characteristics and things that they do no matter the situation. They become the wrestlers’ trademarks and fans will often...

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  • In And Out? Top WWE’s Star’s Departure Could Lead To Randy Orton’s Return

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  • Flashback: Miro Turns Tables On Fan For Asking About His Wife CJ Perry

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  • He Wants In: Another Member Of The Anoa’i Family Sees Himself Joining The Bloodline

    It’s a family thing. There have been all kinds of wrestling families throughout the years and some of them are among the most famous names in the industry. It can...

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Why WWE Did Not Promote Top NXT Star In Draft

    He needs more time. WWE has several advantages over other promotions, including an in-house developmental program with NXT. It allows wrestlers to get better and better without presenting them in...

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  • Hop Back In? WWE Legend Speculates Over Bad Bunny’s Return To Action

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  • Tell Me He Didn’t Miss That: WWE Hall Of Famer Explains Recent Absence

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  • WATCH: Becky Lynch Punches Out Production Worker During Monday Night Raw

    Well then don’t do that. Music is a very important aspect of any wrestler’s presentation. Having the right music puts the fans in the right kind of mood for who...

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Teases Return Of Former Champion On Monday Night Raw

    There’s a tease. Wrestlers have to go away from the ring for one reason or another from time to time. That is the kind of thing that can cause all...

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  • It’s On: Former WWE Star Tells Story Of Shawn Michaels Getting Beaten Up In Backstage Fight

    It happens occasionally. Wrestling is a tricky medium, as wrestlers are tasked with making fans believe what they are seeing is real, without it being anywhere close to the truth....

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