• VIDEO: Several Released WWE Names May Have New Homes

    Their new/old home? One of the biggest wrestling stories of the year so far has been the massive round of releases from WWE back in April. In less than three...

    NewsJune 3, 2020
  • Why Kurt Angle Turned Down Managing Matt Riddle

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  • Details On NXT Wrestlers At WWE TV, Not Allowed Near WWE Wrestlers

    It was a rough night. There are a lot of names under the WWE banner and that means the company can put them in a variety of places. Some of...

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  • Update On Drake Maverick’s WWE Future

    You’re staying aren’t you? Back in April, a lot of things changed in WWE as the company released all kinds of wrestlers and other talent, all on the same day....

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  • Update On MVP’s Role In WWE

    It’s a new way to go. Sometimes, wrestlers have trouble getting out of the business. With so much of their lives being put into the ring, it can be hard...

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  • Backstage Heat On Rob Gronkowski Before WWE Departure

    It didn’t go well. Sometimes in wrestling, you will see a big name come into a promotion with a lot of fanfare and then nothing comes of it. That can...

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  • Rob Gronkowski Done With WWE, 24/7 Title Update

    NewsJune 2, 2020
  • Video: Rey Mysterio’s Retirement Takes A Surprising Turn

    The next generation. There is something special about having a second generation wrestler perform. Maybe it is due to them having the right genetics or just being around the business...

    NewsJune 2, 2020
  • Bray Wyatt’s Amazing Sid Vicious Story

    The battle of generations. There are all kinds of wrestlers who have grown up in wrestling, mainly due to having parents in the business. Having a wrestler for a mother...

    NewsJune 2, 2020
  • You Can Win Big E.’s Ring Worn Boots

    It’s for a good cause. WWE is a major company and as a result, they are often being associated with charity. They have a long history of working with various...

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