• Vince McMahon Drops Two Monday Night Raw Pushes

    I remember that! Vince McMahon is still the ultimate power in WWE. No matter what happens in the company, it is going to be because McMahon approves it. That can...

    NewsSeptember 18, 2020
  • Former Champion Returning To WWE After Long Absence

    NewsSeptember 18, 2020
  • WATCH: Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch From WrestleMania 35

    It was a history-making night. WWE has posted a new video to its YouTube channel, in which they show the full match between Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch...

    VideosSeptember 18, 2020
  • VIDEO: What Undertaker Is Doing In His Retirement

    Now that’s just wrong. Wrestling is a unique sport as the fans are supposed to believe that what they are watching is real when it is all scripted and planned...

    NewsSeptember 18, 2020
  • LOOK: Tessa Blanchard In WWE (Kind Of) But Without Permission

    I’ve seen that before. Wrestling has come a long way in the last decade, with the rise of YouTube and streaming services allowing wrestling fans to see more wrestling than...

    NewsSeptember 18, 2020
  • Ronda Rousey Teases WWE Return In A Big Way

    Here she comes again? It is very rare to see someone show up and take the wrestling world by storm. Wrestling is a complicated industry and it takes experience plus...

    NewsSeptember 18, 2020
  • WWE RUMOR KILLER On Ricochet Leaving WWE

    NewsSeptember 18, 2020
  • VIDEO: Eddie Kingston Takes A Shot At WWE Using….A Cookie

    The latest shot. WWE vs. AEW has gone from non-existent to the biggest rivalry in wrestling today in just over a year. AEW has hit the ground running and become...

    NewsSeptember 18, 2020
  • WWE RUMOR: Ricochet Possibly Leaving WWE

    That would be a big change. WWE is in a weird place at the moment as they have so many talented wrestlers on their roster that they almost have no...

    NewsSeptember 17, 2020
  • WWE RUMOR: Why Braun Strowman Appeared On Raw Underground

    It’s just temporary. One of the more unique concepts that WWE has presented this year is Raw Underground. The idea sees Shane McMahon starting an underground fight club and having...

    NewsSeptember 17, 2020