For years, wrestling fans wondered exactly how AJ Styles would do in WWE. The question was never about his talent, but many wondered whether WWE would “allow” him to be the AJ Styles that could succeed in the company.

Since his debut during the “Royal Rumble”, he’s found nothing but success in WWE. In fact, he’s the new No. 1 Contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and will be receiving his first WWE title match against Roman Reigns at “Payback.”

According to, AJ Styles has major support from many top WWE officials, including Vince McMahon himself. His future in the company is said to be very bright.

He’s been in WWE for only a few short months, but his merchandise has already found great success, and he is viewed by WWE officials as the most marketable “new talent” they have on the roster right now.

His peers and other officials also have a lot of praise for AJ’s in-ring work and Vince McMahon himself has been impressed with his work in the ring with a variety of superstars.


With other Bullet Club members recently debuting on WWE television, there are a lot of options for various storylines with AJ, but WWE is probably going to ride this wave for quite some time.

Do you think AJ Styles will be a WWE Champion in 2016?


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