Vince McMahon

  • RUMOR: Vince McMahon Changed Mind On WWE Star

    Plans can change. There are a lot of wrestlers in WWE and only some of them can reach a high level of success. At the end of the day, there...

    NewsMay 27, 2020
  • Vince McMahon Addresses XFL Rumors

  • RUMOR: Hulk Hogan Almost Won Major WrestleMania 36 Match

    Oh Brother. Like him or not, there are almost no wrestlers in history on Hulk Hogan’s level (and there is a serious case to be made that there is no...

    NewsMay 25, 2020
  • RUMOR: Vince McMahon Not High On Popular Women’s Star

    It means more coming from him. Vince McMahon is not what he used to be but he is still the king of the professional wrestling world. That is not going...

    NewsMay 25, 2020
  • Longtime WWE Employee Leaves Company

    You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. Vince McMahon is not a normal person. In addition to being incredibly rich and the king of an international industry, he is known...

    NewsMay 23, 2020
  • More On Vince McMahon’s Possible XFL Plans

    He does know how to be the evil boss. Earlier this year, the XFL launched for the second time and then closed just a few months later. The company falling...

  • Vince McMahon May Be Trying The XFL Again

  • WATCH: Vince McMahon In Tears Over Undertaker

    It’s an emotional topic. Over the last few months, Undertaker has received more attention than he has in years. It seems that he is finally getting close to hanging it...

    NewsMay 18, 2020
  • Does The World Championship Still Matter In Today’s Pro Wrestling Scene?

    The concept of a world championship in today’s modern professional wrestling industry is often debated by fans of the sport. That debate focuses on the legitimacy of the world title...

    FeaturesMay 15, 2020
  • Vince McMahon’s Newest Wacky Rule

    He can be a little out there. Vince McMahon may be the most powerful man in all of wrestling but it doesn’t make him any less insane. There are times...

    NewsMay 14, 2020