John Cena may be away from the ring right now, but he’s as busy as he’s ever been. His new show “American Grit” debuted last night and John Cena recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly to promote the premiere.

During the interview, Cena spoke about the inspiration for the show, his involvement, and the consistent challenges he faces in his career.

You can read the full interview right here. Below is a highlight:

Does Cena think he’s faced with any consistent challenges this far into his career? 

From the time you wake up from the time you go to bed, it’s a struggle. [It’s] more embracing new opportunities; producing this show, taking a hosting route rather than an in-the-action player, which is kind of what I’ve been for the WWE over the past 15 years.

Even slightly before that, the roles in comedies aren’t really typical of my profession. It’s just being able to take that leap of faith into doing interesting things and new projects that normally wouldn’t be on the menu for someone like me. Being able to swing in and host the Today show when they call me, it certainly is a new experience that I have a lot of fun with, and it’s different than being in the middle of the ring in Monday Night Raw. I’m becoming less reserved about going for it if the opportunity presents itself.

How much longer do you think John Cena will be wrestling since his crossover appeal has never been higher?


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