Ring Of Honor
Date: March 21, 2024
Location: Canadian Tire Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

We have a little over two weeks to go before Supercard Of Honor and the card needs to start coming together. We already have a few matches set, but there are some which could go in a variety of ways. Ring Of Honor has a tendency to wait until the last minute to announce a lot of the show and that might be what they are doing again. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Card rundown.

Women’s TV Title Tournament Semifinals: Mercedes Martinez vs. Billie Starkz

Diamante is here with Martinez, who takes her down by the arm and grabs a front facelock. An exchange of suplexes goes to Martinez, who manages a very delayed vertical suplex for two. They go to the corner with Martinez hitting a hard stomp for two but Starkz comes back with a German suplex. Martinez is sent outside for a dive but Diamante pulls her away from the second dive, leaving Starkz to crash onto the floor.

That’s almost enough for a countout but Martinez settles for a top rope superplex instead. Starkz is able to reverse a suplex into a backbreaker for two but Martinez is back with a bunch of shots to the face. Starkz sends her to the floor instead and hits a quick dive, followed by a Swanton for two back inside. A Gory Special plants Martinez but Diamante offers a distraction, allowing Martinez to hit a Razor’s Edge Dominator for two of her own. They trade rollups until Starkz gets a cradle for the pin at 11:33.

Result: Billie Starkz b. Mercedes Martinez – Rollup (11:33)

Women’s TV Title Tournament Semifinals: Queen Aminata vs. Red Velvet

Aminata takes her to the mat to start but Velvet flips up and we get a hip shake off. The grappling exchange continues with a fight over arm control until Velvet snaps off a hurricanrana. Aminata is right back with a fall away slam and a snap suplex gets two. Back up and Velvet grabs a bulldog for two of her own, followed by a double stomp for the same. Aminata is right back with a snap German suplex and they head to the apron, where Velvet hits a spear. They head inside again for a strike off until Velvet hits a superkick, only to have Aminata hit a headbutt for the pin at 9:24.

Result: Queen Aminata b. Red Velvet – Headbutt (9:24)

Kiera Hogan wants to fight Diamante again. If she doesn’t see her in the ring, she’ll see her at home (a rare reference to their real life relationship).

Lee Johnson vs. London Lightning

Lightning is the local favorite and rather popular. They go with the grappling to start and Lightning actually takes him down, only to be run over by Johnson. Back up and Lightning suplexes him a few times for two but Johnson strikes away at his head. A neckbreaker drops Lightning and some superkicks set up the Big Shot Drop to give Johnson the pin at 3:54.

Result: Lee Johnson b. London Lightning – Big Shot Drop (3:54)

Johnny TV and Taya Valkyrie are teaching the Boys to do some new things but Dalton Castle comes in to find the Boys. TV: “We lost them! There was a bear!” Castle: “BEARS EAT BOYS!” The panicking Castle is told he still has Boys, but they’re just single use Boys. Lexi tells him to stop interrupting her interviews and leaves.

Rachael Ellering vs. Hikaru Shida

Hold on here as here is Athena to watch. Ellering powers her up against the ropes to start as Athena is looking nervous at ringside. A hard shoulder puts Shida down and Ellering lifts her up with a gutwrench suplex. Shida is back up and sends her into the corner for some right hands to the head, meaning it’s time to head outside. That lets Shida get creative by teasing sending Ellering into Athena, only to stop at the last second, causing Athena to fall backwards anyway.

Back in and Ellering can’t manage a suplex so Shida gives her one instead. A missile dropkick gives Shida two as Athena is looking rather nervous. Back up and Shida wins a strike off with a claw STO putting Ellering down. Ellering is right back up with a TKO as Athena is turning into a coach. Not that it works as Shida is back up with a brainbuster into the Katana for the pin at 7:29.

Result: Hikaru Shida b. Rachael Ellering – Katana (7:29)

Diamante accepts Kiera Hogan’s challenge.

Matt Sydal vs. TJ Crawford

Sydal starts fast and snaps off a hurricanrana before taking Crawford into the corner. That’s fine with Crawford, who sends him into the rope and kicks it into Sydal’s face to take over. A suplex slam gets two and we hit the chinlock to keep Sydal down. Sydal fights up and kicks him in the head, setting up a jumping knee. The top rope Meteora finishes Crawford at 5:15.

Result: Matt Sydal b. TJ Crawford – Top rope Meteora (5:15)

Eddie Kingston is upset by his loss but his mentor Homicide called him up. Homicide wants to know where the old Kingston is, because that Kingston wouldn’t have lost. Kingston is going to bring his old self to beat Mark Briscoe because he can’t feel that pain again.

Lexi Nair is happy for Billie Starkz but Athena is rather serious about having to face Hikaru Shida. Athena goes on a rant about how Shida beat her years ago and it will NOT happen again.

Anna Jay vs. Mina Shirakawa

The debuting Mina is from Stardom and likes to dance a lot. Jay ducks her to start and takes a quick bow so Mina shows her up to even the score. Mina takes her down for a kick to the back but Anna grabs a running Blockbuster. Back up and Mina starts in on the knee, followed by a dropkick for two.

Anna fights up and hits a Gory Bomb for two, meaning it’s time to slug it up from their knees. Mina goes back to the leg (Coleman: “That she has invested so much in!” We’re less than five minutes into the match and she didn’t work on it for a good while.), setting up a missile dropkick for two. A facebuster is loaded up but Anna escapes, only to get caught in a rollup to give Mina the pin at 5:56.

Result: Mina Shirakawa b. Anna Jay – Rollup (5:56)

Respect is shown to end the show.

Billie Starkz b. Mercedes Martinez – Rollup
Queen Aminata b. Red Velvet – Headbutt
Lee Johnson b. London Lightning – Big Shot Drop
Hikaru Shida b. Rachael Ellering – Katana
Matt Sydal b. TJ Crawford – Top rope Meteora
Mina Shirakawa b. Anna Jay – Rollup

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