Sometimes you need a little bit of help. WWE has posted a new video to its YouTube channel in which they show the full “Winner Take All” match between John Cena and Seth Rollins for both the United States Championship and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from SummerSlam 2015.

You can see the match in its entirety below:


Cena’s stature and strength set the tone in the bout’s early moments. While the crowd feverishly chanted their thoughts about the U.S. Champion, Cena, who competed without any kind of protective mask to protect his recent nose injury, powered past his opponent with a series of takedowns and shoulder blocks that demonstrated his physical capabilities in the ring.

Momentum stayed behind Cena until Rollins started to show off an arsenal of moves that was as flashy as the all-white outfit he wore to ringside. The maneuvers, from a wicked neckbreaker to a vicious chest stomp from the top rope to a successful Figure Four Leglock reversal, each appeared as part of the former Shield defector’s overall goal — expose the vulnerability of the 15-time World Champion’s broken nose by hitting him with a Pedigree.

Nothing Rollins tried led to the desired outcome, but a change of fortune came his way thanks to the unfortunate positioning of the referee. A late Attitude Adjustment by Cena knocked out his rival and the ring official, who suffered an unfortunate collision during the U.S. Champion’s execution of his signature finishing move. The confusion left the Cenation leader struggling to stay in control, and signaled the start of a controversial moment that will leave the WWE Universe talking for years to come.

Jon Stewart, who was on hand at Barclays Center to serve as the host of SummerSlam, rushed out to the ring with a steel chair. Stewart initially pointed the chair at Rollins, a Superstar whose checkered past with the former “Daily Show” host includes a physical altercation on Raw last March as well as multiple confrontations on the Comedy Central program.

However, the SummerSlam host revealed his true reason for being at ringside by hitting a weary Cena with the steel chair. Stewart cemented his role in the scandalous moment by leaving the chair in the center of the ring, allowing Rollins to finally connect his planned Pedigree and finish off his foe for good.

Editor’s Opinion:

This was an awesome match, featuring two outstanding competitors. I understand having Jon Stewart costing Cena the match, as it furthered all of the storylines going forward. It also set up a fun segment on Raw the next night, where Stewart received an AA! I loved every aspect of this match and it helped to further The Architect’s rise to the top of WWE.

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