Main Event
Date: July 30, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, MVP

We’re still on the road to Summerslam and that doesn’t exactly make for the most interesting stuff. This time around we do have a main event to build towards and that means they might have a focus on this show. Hopefully the original stuff makes things a little better. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Riddick Moss vs. Titus O’Neil

Titus powers him into the corner to start and then does it again for a bonus. Moss bails to the floor and can’t manage to pull Titus outside with him, meaning the beating continues on the floor. Some rams into the apron keep Moss in trouble until he snaps Titus’ arm across the top.

Back in and a hard clothesline connects but Moss gets in another shot to the arm. The armbar goes on and a running shoulder huts the arm even more. Moss mocks the dog bark before going back to the armbar. Titus sends him into the middle buckle though and uses the good arm for some clotheslines. Clash of the Titus doesn’t work due to the arm though and the neckbreaker finishes Titus at 5:05.

Result: Riddick Moss b. Titus O’Neil – Neckbreaker (5:05)

Video on the Swamp Fight.

From Smackdown.

It’s time for the Firefly Fun House, which starts with a package on the Swamp Fight. Bray, standing next to the Fiend lantern, says that was fun because Braun Strowman came back home. Some of you are probably worried that Braun is now trapped in the swamp, but don’t worry, because it has been certified organic. The lantern starts talking to him but Bray says its job is done for now. No he can’t let the lantern out again, because he had his chance. Now it’s his turn, because he has been unleashed. We cut to the Fiend and that’s it.

He’s coming:

We see the end of the Bar Fight between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy.

We look at Sasha Banks taking the Raw Women’s Title belt (without winning the title) from Asuka at Extreme Rules.

From Raw.

Raw Women’s Title: Asuka vs. Sasha Banks

Asuka, with Kairi Sane, is defending and can lose the title via countout, DQ or interference. Banks has Bayley here with her and before the match, Sasha talks about how there is no bigger bully than Stephanie McMahon. That’s because they run the whole company because they’re role models who stand against injustice. That’s why Bayley interfered at Extreme Rules and counted the pin on Asuka. Bayley: “Any role model would have done the same thing.” Before the bell, Sane chases Bayley off and we take a break.

Back with the Big Match Intros, followed by Asuka kicking away in the corner to start fast. The Shining Wizard gets two but Asuka can’t get a Fujiwara armbar. A Backstabber out of the corner gives Banks two and the half crab goes on. Banks lets that go and starts working on the leg until Asuka kicks her out to the floor. That’s enough for Banks as she tries to leave, but it’s the old Eddie Guerrero trick of throwing the belt to Asuka and falling down, but Banks doesn’t get the timing right and the referee doesn’t buy it. Asuka kicks her in the head instead and we take a break.

Back with Banks working on the leg again but Asuka fights up and strikes away. A knee to the face sends Banks to the apron but the knee is too hut to follow up. Banks is back with a kick to the head and the Meteora gets two. We’re right back to the half crab but Asuka grabs a kneebar instead. That’s switched into an ankle lock to keeps Banks in trouble until she rolls Asuka into the corner. A top rope Meteora is countered into a Codebreaker to put them both down again.

Asuka kicks the knee out again and gets two off a release German suplex. The hip attack gets the same but Banks gets in a shot of her own. The frog splash gives Banks two and the Bank Statement goes on. Asuka slips out but can’t get the Asuka Lock as Banks sends her outside instead.

Banks drops the bad knee onto the announcers’ table for nine, with the dive back inside ruining Banks’ posing. Asuka’s rollup is countered into the Bank Statement, which is reversed into the ankle lock. Asuka hits a middle rope dropkick but we see Bayley beating up Kairi Sane in the back. The distracted Asuka still hits a German suplex as Bayley beats the heck out of Sane. Bayley rams Sane into the steel wall over and over and Asuka finally goes to the back for the save, giving Banks the title via countout at 19:30.

Result; Sasha Banks b. Asuka via countout (19:30)

Take two:

Post break, Bayley and Banks are VERY excited and dance around in celebration. Asuka comes out of the trainer’s room and screams a lot.

Ruby Riott vs. Shayna Baszler

Shayna shoves her down to start and then drives Riott into the corner. Riott kicks the leg out though, which just seems to annoy Baszler. A crucifix gives Riott two but she has to break the Kirifuda Clutch attempt. Baszler starts pulling on the leg until Riott sends her face first into the middle buckle. That’s enough to send Baszler outside for a breather and we take a break.

Back with Baszler cranking on the neck while tying the leg up for a bonus. Riott sends her into the corner though and scores with a superkick to rock Baszler again. Ruby slugs away and hits an STO into a standing backsplash for two. Baszler kicks her down and hits a Shining Wizard against the ropes but Riott says bring it on. That’s fine with Baszler, who knees her in the face and grabs the Kirifuda Clutch for the tap at 10:06.

Result: Shayna Baszler b. Ruby Riott – Kirifuda Clutch (10:06)

From Raw.

Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler

Non-title and Extreme Rules. Drew goes outside to get a chair so Ziggler superkicks him without much trouble. Ziggler sends him into the post and Plexiglas but Drew is back with an elbow to the face. A lawn dart sends Ziggler hard into the Plexiglas and it’s time for the kendo stick. The Russian legsweep with the kendo stick sends Ziggler into the Plexiglas again and Drew wraps the stick around Ziggler’s mouth.

They head back inside with a bunch of chairs and a table coming with them. Ziggler can’t get a chair so McIntyre cracks him over the back with one instead. A low blow gets Ziggler out of trouble and he finds a second kendo stick to unload on McIntyre. Ziggler does everything McIntyre did to him but McIntyre takes the stick away.

Ziggler is placed on the apron, where his dive is caught for a big drive through the barricade as we take a break. Back with Drew hitting a top rope ax handle but not being able to hit the Future Shock. Instead Ziggler goes up but gets top rope superplexed right back down. The Zig Zag gives McIntyre two more so Ziggler grabs a chair, only to get Claymored through the table to give McIntyre the pin at 14:31.

Result: Drew McIntyre b. Dolph Ziggler – Claymore (14:31)

Extreme, again:

Post match Drew holds up the title, earning every bit of the RKO from Randy Orton to end the show.

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