205 Live
Date: July 31, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Drew Gulak

Things are actually getting interesting around here as there are some stories that could go somewhere in the future. That is the case again this week as Tony Nese and Isaiah Scott team up to face Legado del Fantasma. Scott seems primed to challenge for the Cruiserweight Title but he might not be able to trust Nese. Let’s get to it.

Ariya Daivari is on a boat and knows people have been waiting for him to return. Now that the 205 Live roster has caught up for him, his goal has paid off. Daivari gives us a quick recap of everything going on at the moment and announces that he’ll be back soon.

Opening sequence.

Tony Nese/Isaiah Scott vs. Legado del Fantasma

Raul Mendoza/Joaquin Wilde for Legado here, with Santos Escobar in their corner. Mendoza and Nese go tot he mat to start with Nese grabbing a chinlock. A series of kicks sends Mendoza into the corner and it’s off to Wilde vs. Scott. This time it’s Scott grabbing a chinlock but Wilde reverses into a cravate. That’s reversed into an anklescissors to take Wilde into the corner, where he slaps Scott in the face.

Scott unloads with the stomping and Wilde gets kicked out to the floor in a heap. Back in and Nese tags himself in, much to Scott’s annoyance. They’re fine enough to double elbow Wilde down and take him into the corner to work on the arm. A double suplex gives Scott two and we hit another chinlock. Back up and Mendoza gets in a cheap shot from the apron and it’s a belly to back faceplant to give Wilde two.

A double spinebuster into a double dropkick rocks Scott even more but he fights out of the corner. Scott right hands Mendoza in the face and makes the hot tag off to Nese for a sitout pumphandle slam. Nese gets a Boston crab on Wilde and Scott armbars Mendoza until Wilde kicks Nese into the two of them for the save. Scott comes back in off the tag and starts cleaning house, including the House Call on Wilde.

Mendoza offers a distraction though and Wilde grabs a DDT. It’s Nese coming back in for two off the Lionsault and Legado is sent outside. Stereo flip dives take the two of them down and Scott gets two with Wilde making another save. Scott goes up but Santos offers a distraction, allowing Mendoza to shove him into the barricade. That leaves Nese alone and Wilde comes in off the blind tag for a Russian legsweep/running kick to the face to finish Nese at 14:20.

Result: Legado del Fantasma b. Tony Nese/Isaiah Scott – Russian legsweep/kick to the face combination to Nese (14:20)

One and done:

Scott isn’t happy as Legado poses to end the show.


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