• WATCH: Miz And John Morrison Release New Music Video

    The kind of thing we need. Comedy is a hard thing to do in the world of wrestling. If you go too hard with it, you can alienate your audience....

    HumorApril 2, 2020
  • Funny Video: Renee Young Takes Toilet Paper Challenge (With Cameo)

    HumorMarch 23, 2020
  • Hangman Page’s Humorous Coronavirus Tips

    It’s nice to see a sense of humor. The wrestling world has been rocked by the Coronavirus as of late and that is easy to understand. With so many things...

    HumorMarch 15, 2020
  • VIDEO: WWE Stars Appear On Funny Web Series

    You have to smile a bit. There are a lot of things going on in the world at the moment and a lot of them aren’t positive. With so many...

    HumorMarch 14, 2020
  • VIDEO: He’s Branching Out: John Cena Super Bowl Commercial Released

    Cena really is a star. Wrestlers are a weird breed of celebrities. It’s true that they are famous and on television every week, but at the same time they are...

    HumorJanuary 29, 2020
  • VIDEO: Not So Fast? Zack Ryder And Chelsea Green Don’t Agree On Randy Savage (In A Very Unique Way)

    Not everyone has the same taste. Wrestling has been around for a long time and that means there has been a lot of memorabilia released over the years. Some of...

    HumorJanuary 18, 2020
  • WATCH: The Mayor Speaks: Kane Impersonates A Bunch Of WWE Names

    HumorJanuary 12, 2020
  • That Wacky Billionaire. Kevin Owens Tells A Funny Story About Vince McMahon Keeping Him Waiting For A Long, Long Time

    Only the boss could get away with that. Vince McMahon is a lot of things and I’m not quite sure how to lump them all together. I guess the best...

    HumorJanuary 11, 2020
  • VIDEO: Unhand That Man! WWE Security Accidentally Takes Down The Wrong Person On Monday Night Raw

    Now that’s just bad luck. Last week’s Monday Night Raw saw a huge wedding angle take place with Bobby Lashley attempting to marry Lana, only to have various issues plague...

    HumorJanuary 7, 2020
  • Funny Video: Please Don’t Be A Trend. Kevin Owens Accidentally Shoots Himself With A Confetti Gun In A Bad Place

    Hopefully not a sign of things to come. With 2019 now in the books, there are a lot of things that we can both look forward to and look back...

    HumorJanuary 2, 2020