• VIDEO: Funny Impression Of All Three Shield Members

    It’s something else she can do. We are in the middle of an unprecedented situation at the moment due to the spread of the Coronavirus. The disease has changed the...

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  • VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Mocks WWE Over Essential Business Status

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  • VIDEO: Carmella Does Awesome WWE Impressions

    Carmella has some skills. By definition, wrestlers are larger than life characters. The statement that you will hear is that the best wrestling characters are themselves with the volume turned...

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  • WATCH: Bizarre Viking Raiders Video From Monday Night Raw

    You need to see it. Every now and then, you see a segment in wrestling that makes your head spin. It might be due to something funny, something out there,...

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  • WATCH: What Happens When Wrestlers Can’t Wrestle

    We all go a little mad sometimes. The world is in the middle of a global pandemic and the situation has turned everything upside down. Almost nothing is working as...

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  • IMG Credit: WWE

    LOOK: WWE’s Plans For The Revival As Comedy Wrestlers

    Can you blame them for leaving? Things have changed quite a bit in the wrestling business in the last year and a half as there is now another major wrestling...

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  • Funny Video: Daily Show Parodies WWE For Being Named Essential Business

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  • WATCH: Miz And John Morrison Release New Music Video

    The kind of thing we need. Comedy is a hard thing to do in the world of wrestling. If you go too hard with it, you can alienate your audience....

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  • Funny Video: Renee Young Takes Toilet Paper Challenge (With Cameo)

    That’s a topical one. We are in some interesting times due to the spread of the Coronavirus and it is making people do some questionable things. One of them is...

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  • Hangman Page’s Humorous Coronavirus Tips

    It’s nice to see a sense of humor. The wrestling world has been rocked by the Coronavirus as of late and that is easy to understand. With so many things...

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