• WATCH: Naomi, Bayley And Tamina Go To Extreme Measures To Attend AEW Dynamite

    Who are you again? While there are all kinds of wrestling promotions around the world, WWE and AEW more or less sit alone on top of the industry. It still...

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  • WATCH: John Cena Presents Awards At The Oscars…While Naked

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  • WATCH: R-Truth Is Confused Over Travel Issues Again, Not Likely For Monday Night Raw

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  • WATCH: John Cena Plays Baseball For The Savannah Bananas (This Is Different)

    That’s different. While wrestlers are athletes, they rarely get praise for their physical abilities. It is rare to see wrestlers branching out into a different kind of sport but it...

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  • VIDEO: Kevin Owens Cracks Nick Aldis Up In YouTube Exclusive (Funny)

    That got him. There are all kinds of ways for a wrestling segment to be presented, with some of them being mixtures of different styles. Oftentimes a serious segment can...

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  • Funny Video: Zelina Vega Pranks Kofi Kingston With Hilarious Phone Call

    It’s a talent. There are some incredibly talented people on the WWE roster and several of them have talents outside of the ring. These people have abilities that they occasionally...

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  • WATCH: Funny Blooper Takes Place During Backstage Segment This Week On Monday Night Raw

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  • WATCH: Becky Lynch And Seth Rollins Exchange Funny Trash Talk On Celebrity Funny Feud

    Family affair? Wrestlers will occasionally get together as romantic couples and it can make for some very interesting situations. Knowing that two wrestlers are together off-screen can make their on-screen...

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  • WATCH: Solo Sikoa Sings In His Kitchen

    That’s a different look. There are certain ways to present wrestlers and some of them are a lot more serious than others. This can include treating someone like a major...

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  • WATCH: Sami Zayn Sings Funny Song To Kevin Owens After Monday Night Raw

    It’s a musical thing. For some reason, singing has played a role in wrestling for decades and there is nothing to suggest that it will be changing anytime soon. Between...

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