• AEW’s Best: Even MJF’s Parents Can’t Stand Him

    Does anyone like him? There are certain villains in wrestling who almost could not be a good person if they tried. These often make for the best heels in all...

    HumorSeptember 23, 2021
  • VIDEO: Matt Hardy Trolls Fans Hard At Independent Event

    HumorSeptember 20, 2021
  • VIDEO: Drew McIntyre’s Wardrobe Malfunction At WWE Live Event

    Anything can happen. While you might not care for the quality of the show itself, there is little denying just how polished everything is in a WWE production. Between the...

    HumorSeptember 14, 2021
  • Hilarious Story Of How Omos Cracked Up Undertaker, Triple H And Batista

    That’s not what was planned. Wrestling is a rather complicated presentation, as you have a mixture of action, drama, comedy, suspense and more, all mixed together with an athletic presentation...

    HumorAugust 13, 2021
  • VIDEO: John Cena Parody From The Late Show

    Any publicity is good publicity right? Wrestlers are not brought up in the mainstream very often and when they are, it rarely winds up going well. Sometimes it can be...

    HumorMay 27, 2021
  • VIDEO: Pat McAfee’s Hilarious Vince McMahon Impression

    He’s pretty easy to do. There is no one in the history of professional wrestling like Vince McMahon. It is almost impossible to be surprised by whatever McMahon does next...

    HumorMay 9, 2021
  • VIDEO: Hilarious Accident Takes Place At WrestleMania

    HumorApril 11, 2021
  • Full Video: Miz’s Hilarious New Music Video

    Well that’s….something. There are all kinds of ways to present wrestlers and build up a feud. One of the most often used methods is to have someone insult the other...

    HumorMarch 30, 2021
  • Triple H Issues Challenge For WrestleMania: Mars

    Sure why not. If there is one thing that WWE wants to do, it is become more and more ingrained in the mainstream world. That can be rather difficult at...

    HumorFebruary 27, 2021
  • VIDEO: Naomi Remixes Nia Jax’s “My Hole” Into Song

    You knew this was coming. Every now and then, something pops up in wrestling and it becomes one of those things that you can’t escape no matter what you do....

    HumorFebruary 11, 2021