Business is at an all-time high. Tonight, in the main event of Raw, Bobby Lashley defeated The Miz to become the new WWE Champion. This marks Lashley’s first run with the championship.

The final segment was the third attempt to have a championship match in the evening. The Miz was scheduled to defend his title at the 9 PM hour, however, he said that he was unable to compete to do a cramp. The match was then moved to the 10 PM hour, but the Miz just grabbed his title and ran away from the ring, getting himself counted out.

Finally, Shane McMahon ordered that the match become a lumberjack match and as a result, there was nowhere for the A-Lister to run. As a result, Lashley was able to put the Hurt Lock on and secure the victory, becoming the new WWE Champion.

The Miz tried to get some help earlier in the night:

Editor’s Opinion:

I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Miz’s WWE Championship run, but I am beyond thrilled that Bobby Lashley is getting this opportunity. He has busted his butt for 16 years to get to this point and has earned the right to be the face of the company. What he has done since his awful angle with Lana, to joining the Hurt Business, to making the United States Championship beyond relevant has been extraordinary in every way. He is the best he has ever been in his career and has no signs of slowing down. Congratulations, Bobby Lashley; YOU DESERVE IT!!

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