Bobby Lashley

  • WATCH: The Bloodline Might Have Some New Allies And Some New Enemies

    Some of each. Over the last three years, the Bloodline Saga has dominated WWE, with the story being the major focus of the company. There have been all kinds of...

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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: WWE Has Some Very Interesting Names At The Top Of The SmackDown Roster

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  • WATCH: Former WWE World Champion Makes Surprise Return On SmackDown

    Welcome back. A surprise return can be a great way to bring someone back after a lengthy absence. The moment of getting to see someone appear after a long time...

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  • Power Team? Bobby Lashley Seemingly Reaches Out To Roman Reigns Following Bloodline Split

    He’s around? The biggest WWE story of the last week saw the Usos turn on Roman Reigns to split up the Bloodline. This is the kind of change that fans...

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  • Back To It: Former WWE World Champion Makes Surprise Return At Live Event

    He’s back. A return in wrestling can mean a lot as you never know when you are going to see someone again after a long hiatus. Those returns can change...

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  • Welcome Back? Update On Bobby Lashley’s Possible WWE Return

    He’s back? There are so many wrestlers on the WWE roster that it can be difficult to keep track of everyone. As a result, it can be easy to see...

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  • Flashback: Miro Turns Tables On Fan For Asking About His Wife CJ Perry

    It ties together. There are all kinds of storylines in wrestling and some of them bleed over into real life. You will often see a wrestling storyline that ties into...

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  • Half Power: Bronson Reed Reveals Surprising Status On This Week’s Monday Night Raw

    That’s more impressive. There are all kinds of things that can slow a wrestler down and several of them have to do with health issues. Those are the kinds of...

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  • Didn’t Make The Cut: WWE Reportedly Scrapped WrestleMania Segment For Popular Star

    What could have been. There is very little bigger for a wrestler than to get to appear at WrestleMania. It is the pinnacle of wrestling for many stars and getting...

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