Jerry “The King” Lawler is an absolute legend across every promotion he has been with over his storied career. He is a 2007 hall of famer, and pretty much knows the business inside and out.

But when asked by Sky Sports about who he would build a company around in the modern era of wrestling, who would he choose?

“It would probably have to be Randy Orton and John Cena. Even with all the up-and-coming stars, those guys would have to be top of the list. I’m kind of old school – I like all the new talent but longevity in the business and who has the staying power means a lot to me.”

“It’s going be hard for someone to stay around as long as Orton and Cena and still have the appeal and pulling power that those two guys have.”

This is not a bad choice. These two have certainly packed seats for over a decade, and have legitimate staying power within the industry.

Given his old school flair for the industry, he was also asked about which wrestlers he enjoyed working with the most:

“Probably Terry Funk – he was such a character, such an entertaining guy and such a good friend. Every time we worked together, it was a dream.”

“Some matches aren’t fun – I remember when I once had a match with Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen and contemplated quitting the business once it was over – but I always looked forward to matches with Terry.”

“Nick Bockwinkel, though, was also such a breeze to work with, while a guy I had a million matches with down in Memphis, Bill Dundee, was great, too.”


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