One question that comes up again and again, especially when the show is hot, is whether or not Vince McMahon follows NXT. There was certainly a point where the “developmental brand” was showing up the main roster, and we all wanted to know if the boss was watching.

A recent Triple H interview with the Gorilla Position Podcast (transcribed by WrestlingInc) says yes. Kind of. When it’s important.

According to Triple H, Vince was there for the major steps of what would become known as the Women’s Revolution. When asked if Vince had to be “talked into” letting Charlotte and Sasha main event Hell in a Cell, Triple H said the big man already knew they could deliver.

“At that point, he had seen it. He had seen it deliver time and time again. In NXT he had seen Sasha. He was backstage for Sasha and Bayley in Brooklyn [New York] for the first time, [and] the Iron Man match that they had. Just all the things that they went through, he was there along the way watching them. And it was the right time, right moment. And to be honest, there are certain things sometimes where I think Vince had to be talked into something. This is not one, I think, that… I don’t know who made the first suggestion, but I don’t think he had to be talked into it. I think that they had proven themselves enough that he had the faith and the confidence in them to be able to deliver.”

NXT has fallen a bit from its former glory, despite an excellent recent Takeover, and you could certainly argue that SmackDown, at least, is outdoing it on a weekly basis. Still, much of the main roster’s modern success–from the Shield and the Wyatt Family to Kevin Owens and the Four Horsewomen–has been built out of NXT’s greatest stars.

In any case, it’s good to hear that Vince is around for the brand’s greatest moments. Hopefully that means Shinsuke Nakamura can make a major debut without a mildly racist gimmick.

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