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  • RKNo: Another Bad Randy Orton Injury Update

    That’s rather serious. Injuries are one of the worst things that can happen to a wrestler as you never know how bad something is going to be at first. Then...

    NewsNovember 26, 2022
  • Viper Memories: Randy Orton Posts Tribute To Umaga And Rosey

    NewsNovember 19, 2022
  • Ouch? Randy Orton’s Wife Posts Photo Of Him From Hospital

    That’s an update. There are very few wrestlers who have reached the level of Randy Orton. He has gone from what looked to be a can’t miss prospect to one...

    NewsNovember 15, 2022
  • Top WWE Star Unsure If Randy Orton Is Returning To WWE

    That’s a scary thought. Injuries are something that happen to everyone in wrestling at some point. No amount of experience or training can keep a wrestler completely safe and unfortunately...

    NewsOctober 26, 2022
  • Trevor Murdoch Once Punched Out Irate Fan To Save Randy Orton

    That could have been a lot worse. Wrestlers have to do a lot of things right to make a match or event come together in the right way. Above all...

    NewsOctober 21, 2022
  • WWE Concerned About Randy Orton’s Health

    That’s a big worry. WWE has a lot of talent on its roster with its main event scene including some of the best names in the world. Those are the...

    NewsSeptember 30, 2022
  • Update On Randy Orton’s Injury Status

    NewsSeptember 16, 2022
  • Randy Orton’s Shocking Realization About His Daughter And Matt Riddle

    That’s a real partner. When a pair of wrestlers get together and catch fire, there is very little like it. You know it when you see it and that is...

    NewsSeptember 10, 2022
  • WATCH: Randy Orton Declares Current WWE Superstar’s “T*ts Look Real Great”

    We’ll call that a compliment. Wrestlers are people who get in the ring on a regular basis and have to make the fans care about what they are doing. That...

    NewsSeptember 1, 2022
  • LOOK: Randy Orton Has Changed Up His Look While Away From WWE

    It’s a different way to go. Wrestling is a lot of things, but ultimately it is a visual medium that needs someone to be able to see the wrestlers. If...

    NewsJune 26, 2022