Samoa Joe is known for his brutal, wild character. He’s been known for this style since his arrival in TNA. Nothing has changed in well over a decade.

So when he showed up on WWE’s Monday Night Raw wearing a suit, people were taken aback. This was not characteristic of the Samoa Joe everyone knew. However, there is a rhyme to the reason for the wardrobe change, as Dave Meltzer observed on Wrestling Observer Radio.

It was noted that the look they were going for was that he looked like a hitman for the mafia. While I can understand a change of pace, having Samoa Joe make us an offer we can’t refuse is something I feel like we should refuse. It is starting to look like the WWE is making some questionable decisions regarding Joe in his short stint outside of NXT.

Samoa Joe has been rumored to be going against John Cena at Wrestlemania. While that should be a high profile marquee matchup for the big one, if the WWE is straying away from an already well established and liked character, then this is a major problem.

Hopefully, this is something that the WWE will not be pursuing further down the line toward Wrestlemania.


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