Jerry Lawler

  • Bret Hart Names The Greatest Villain In WWE History (You Might Be Surprised)

    That’s some high praise. There have been a lot of stars throughout WWE’s history but only a few have reached the top of the company. Those are the names that...

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  • WWE Hall Of Famer Rips Sami Zayn For Trusting Roman Reigns

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  • Jerry Lawler Reflects On His Death On Monday Night Raw Ten Years Ago

    That’s as serious as you can get. There are all kinds of injuries in wrestling, but there are also various health issues that would be classified as a bit more...

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  • WWE Legend Slammed Over Controversial Queen Elizabeth II Tweet

    That isn’t going to go well. The biggest news story of the week around the world has been the death of Queen Elizabeth II at age 96, ending her 70...

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  • Hall Of Famer Returning To WWE TV Next Week

    Welcome back. Commentary is one of the most important parts of a wrestling show. The commentary team is there to tell you what is going on but also to guide...

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  • WWE Hall Of Famer Returning To Monday Night Raw Next Week

    Welcome back? There are a lot of wrestlers on the WWE roster and some of them are among the biggest names in wrestling history. If you have been watching WWE...

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  • WWE Hall Of Famer Returning To Monday Night Raw Next Week

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  • Stick Around: WWE Legend Signs New Deal With The Company

    Stick around for a bit. There are certain names in WWE history who have reached legend status. No matter what they do or how long they might be away, they...

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  • WWE Legend Lists His Problems With Today’s Product, Cites Changing Fans

    Can you blame him? WWE has been around for a long time now but the company is certainly undergoing some problems at the moment. There have been a lot of...

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  • VIDEO: First Time Ever Match Takes Place Over The Weekend (This Is Cool)

    That’s a new one. Independent wrestling can offer a lot of unique options. Sometimes you can find something at an independent wrestling event that you are jut not going to...

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