WWE’s Monday Night Raw saw a steep 500,000 viewer drop in the ratings this week. Part of this can be attributed to being further removed from Royal Rumble, but another issue could have been the lackluster card compared to the week before as well.

With that reveal out of the way, how did Smackdown do in relation to that? Quite well, to be honest. It’s not the best that it could do, but it’s definitely looking better for the program.

Last week, Smackdown received 2.82 million viewers. This week saw a drop as well–again, as usual for two weeks after a Pay-Per-View–but not by much. The total viewership for the program totaled 2.61 million viewers from Smackdown this week. That comes to a 210,000 viewer drop.

This is massive for Smackdown compared to Raw, which has had substantial stranglehold on the market share since the brand split. Whereas Raw experienced a 14% drop in ratings, Smackdown experienced half that drop. So it looks like Smackdown is becoming the more consistent program in the eyes of viewers.

But could this mean we could eventually see Smackdown overtake Raw in the ratings? What do you think? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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