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  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Major Proposed WrestleMania Match Could Be Moved To Summerslam

    Maybe later? WWE presents all kinds of events throughout the year but only saves its biggest matches for the most important cards. These matches often include some of the top...

    NewsMarch 16, 2023
  • You Can See Him: Update On John Cena’s WWE Status On The Road To WrestleMania

    NewsMarch 10, 2023
  • They Could See Him: Backstage WWE Reaction To John Cena’s Monday Night Raw Appearance

    They liked it. There are certain stars who are able to draw in interest to any wrestling program they are on and it can do quite a bit of good...

    NewsMarch 9, 2023
  • A Trust Issue: How John Cena Earned Backstage Heat For Violating Trust

    It would make people mad. There have been a lot of rivalries over the years in WWE and some of them have gone on for a very long time. Those...

    NewsMarch 9, 2023
  • The Silver Screen: John Cena Set For Villain Role In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Film

    It must be a wrestler thing. There are certain wrestlers who have tried their hands at acting, but only a few have managed to make it work. You never can...

    NewsMarch 5, 2023
  • What Could Have Been: Here Are WWE’s Original (And Different) John Cena WrestleMania Plans

    What could have been. We are getting pretty far down the Road To WrestleMania 39 and that means things are starting to come together. You can see a lot of...

    NewsFebruary 28, 2023
  • In The Making: WWE Planned This WrestleMania 39 Match Since Last July

    NewsFebruary 21, 2023
  • The Champ Is Back: WWE Announces John Cena’s Return To Monday Night Raw

    He’s back. There are very few stars in WWE history who have become the faces of the company. Those are the names that almost every fan can remember and it...

    NewsFebruary 20, 2023
  • REVIEW: Elimination Chamber 2017: Last One

    Welcome to KB’s Old School (and New School) Reviews. I’ve been reviewing wrestling shows for over ten years now and have reviewed over 5,000 shows. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday,...

    FeaturesFebruary 2, 2023
  • He’s Busy: You Probably Won’t Be Seeing John Cena Before WrestleMania 39

    He’s busy. We are officially on the Road To WrestleMania 39 and that means it is time to start getting everything in order. This includes setting up the biggest matches...

    NewsFebruary 1, 2023