Booker T was a great wrestler in his prime for both WWE and WCW in its heyday. However, his exit from the ring was very quiet and he sort of faded into the background as a color commentator and host for many WWE Network specials.

One of his last matches in WWE was during the Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy match at Wrestlemania 28. A superstar with his history deserved a bigger sendoff than that even if it was at Wrestlemania.

Recently, the five-time WCW Champion appeared on the “This is Awesome Wrestling Show” and the topic of getting back into the ring came up.

You can listen to the full podcast episode right here. Below is what Booker T had to say specifically about returning to the ring in the future:

“Not at all, man. I’m one of those guys that lives in seasons. I don’t like to get stuck in one season or anything like that. It’s cool to get the pop of the crowd and go out there and do it for night. I’m sure, for those guys, for one night, like Mick Foley, it’s pretty much enough. It’s nostalgic. But for me, I have so many other irons in the fire right now. I got a bunch of students with my wrestling school. I love actually training with those guys and see them actually go out there and do it. I got a couple of guys, hopefully, to get signed here pretty soon. That’s all about them now, not about me.”


Do you want to see Booker T have one last run in WWE?


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