Booker T

  • Wrestling Legend Announces One Night Return To The Ring

    One more time? Retirements in wrestling are not quite the same thing as retirements in other sports. You don’t often see mainstream athletes returning to play after several years off,...

    NewsJanuary 4, 2022
  • How Vince McMahon Reacted To A Horrible Match

    NewsJuly 23, 2021
  • Special Musical Performance Taking Place At Royal Rumble

    That’s a special attraction. We are less than a week away from the Royal Rumble and that means WWE has some last minute adjustments to make. That is the kind...

    NewsJanuary 25, 2021
  • WATCH: Booker T. Stars In Bad Bunny Video For “Booker T.”

    Add it to the resume. Wrestlers are in a weird place when it comes to celebrity status. Yes they are on national television for at least two hours a week,...

    NewsJanuary 2, 2021
  • WATCH: Undertaker Roasts Booker T.

    It’s a strange world. One of the most entertaining things to do in wrestling is to take a step back and see how absurd a lot of it really is....

    NewsMay 4, 2020
  • Tell The Stories: WWE Announces A Series Of New Biographies In Partnership With A&E

    There are a lot of stories to tell from WWE. The last few years have seen a new era in mainstream stories being told about wrestlers. Between the HBO documentary...

    NewsFebruary 18, 2020
  • WATCH: The Context Matters A Lot: Booker T. Calls Tessa Blanchard Winning The World Title “The Worst Idea In The History Of Wrestling”

    NewsJanuary 17, 2020
  • VIDEO: The Legend Speaks: Booker T. Hosts Q&A And Reveals Who He Thinks Is Underrated

    He would know something about this. There have been a lot of wrestlers in WWE over the years. I mean a lot of them. Some of these names are bigger...

    NewsDecember 22, 2019
  • His Opinion Matters. The Rock Names The Most Athletic Performer He Has Ever Faced, And It May Surprise You

    I’d call it a big compliment. There are wrestling stars who move over to mainstream entertainment and then there is the Rock. After becoming one of the biggest wrestling stars...

    NewsDecember 10, 2019
  • Celebrity Status? Booker T. May Have Gotten Into A Celebrity Feud With A Big Wrestling Fan

    What a random feud. Celebrities have been a part of wrestling for the better part of ever. Muhammad Ali got involved back in the 1970s and the involvement of Mr....

    NewsNovember 30, 2019