It’s possible that WWE may have just found a way to turn a negative into a positive and kill turn birds with one stone.

Earlier this week, Adam Rose of The Social Outcasts and The Ascension’s Konnor have been suspended for sixty days from WWE after violating WWE’s Wellness Policy for the second time in their careers.

While Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, and Curtis Axel can keep things going with the Social Outcasts stable. This news has left The Ascension’s Viktor up the stream without a paddle. However, WWE thought it was a good idea to combine the too. After all, Viktor didn’t do anything wrong.

During a WWE live event in Newcastle, England, The Social Outcasts have announced Viktor as the newest member of The Social Outcasts and the replacement for Adam Rose.

The following photo is from a fan who was in attendance at the event:


While it’s a little out of left field, it’s a great idea to get Viktor on television and sometimes in wrestling; you never know how a lost spot will allow another superstar to thrive. It’ll be interesting to see more of Viktor on WWE television and see what he can bring to the group.


Do you think it’s a good idea to put Viktor into the Social Outcasts?


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