It’s an iconic one. An entrance is one of the most important things a wrestler can have. Be it the entrance music, the way they walk to the ring or what they do in the ring, the entire package can tell you a good chunk of what you need to know about the wrestler. There are some that remain known throughout the years, even long after someone has retired. That was proven again recently.

There may not be a more famous wrestler of the last twenty five years than Steve Austin. After spending several years figuring things out, Austin went on to become one of the biggest stars the wrestling world has ever seen. Austin has several different pieces of his personality that combined to make him a legend and now one of them is being learned by a new generation.

Well that’s awesome. Check out a four year old fan’s Austin tribute:

A fan has posted a video of his four year old brother having a Steve Austin themed birthday party. The four year old, Mason, was able to walk through an entrance ramp to Austin’s music and did his version of Austin’s beer drinking celebration while wearing a version of Austin’s gear. Austin himself commented on the video, with a more child friendly “Oh heck yeah!”.

Opinion: It might be a little strange to see a four year old impersonating something like Austin’s entrance but it does seem like he is having a good time with the whole thing. I was a huge WWE fan as a kid and I could see myself doing just the same thing, especially if it meant hearing from Austin himself. Austin’s entrance is iconic for a reason and is still seems to resonate with people today. That’s not bad for someone who retired seventeen years ago.

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