I never thought I’d have to write this one. The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world works and wrestling is no different. While WWE, AEW and a few other companies have managed to hang on to their usual schedule with a few minor tweaks, there are still several companies that have been changed. That will continue to be the case until the virus is under control, and now some wrestlers are trying to get in on the act.

Wrestling is a big deal in the United States but it pales in comparison to the attention it receives elsewhere. This is certainly the case in Mexico, which has a deep history with professional wrestling. There have been several prominent luchadors to come to the United States from Mexico to find some success. Now some Mexican wrestlers, with the help of the local government, is trying to help fight the Coronavirus.

This is a new one. Check out how wrestlers are helping fight the pandemic:

The government of Irapuato, Mexico (a town of about 340,000 in central Mexico) has hired a group of independent wrestlers (Lepra, Moco, Gargajo, Costal Clown and Garcia Jr.) to help convince people to wear masks. If they find someone not wearing them, the group throws steel chairs at the citizens. There is no word on if the person having a chair thrown at them is a part of the effort as well.

Opinion: There is something to be said about having someone pelt a chair at you to get you to follow the rules. It’s not something I would have come up with but it’s kind of genius in how simplistic the whole thing is. Follow the rules by wearing a mask or having a large metal object thrown at you. How much simpler can you get? Throw in wrestling and it’s hard to argue with the whole thing.

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