Well at least he’s polite. Bray Wyatt has changed the way he presents himself over the last few months, going from the same cult leader character that he has played for years now into a split personality monster called the Fiend. The new character has just recently returned to the arena where he has attacked various people. However, he is already saying he’s sorry to someone.

On this week’s Monday Night Raw, Wyatt attacked Mick Foley and took him out with Foley’s own Mandible Claw. Since then, Wyatt has sent Foley an apology on Twitter, which included a thank you. It is not clear what Wyatt is thanking Foley for, though it could be either Foley’s career or the Mandible Claw itself. Wyatt has also attacked Finn Balor and will be facing him at August’s Summerslam.

Wyatt is back again. Check out his attack on Foley from Monday Night Raw:

Opinion: This is the kind of thing that he needs to do. It may not mean anything to beat up Foley as they won’t be having a match, but it does mean more than attacking random jobbers. Wyatt already has a big feud set up with Balor and maybe he can take the Mandible Claw from Foley. There is no reason to not have someone else take it and the move would be a better fit than Sister Abigail, especially if Wyatt is playing a fresh character.

Do you want Wyatt to use the Mandible Claw? How far can the Fiend go? Let us know in the comments below.

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