Mick Foley

  • He’s Not Down: Mick Foley Reveals Turning Down Suggested Spot On Jimmy Kimmel Live

    He drew the line. Wrestling is a physical sport but some wrestlers go further than the rest in violence. There are some wrestlers who will do more than their average...

    NewsMay 20, 2023
  • WATCH: Mick Foley Wants To Join The Judgment Day (And It’s Great)

    HumorMarch 7, 2023
  • WATCH: Mick Foley, With Lita, Sings “Sexy Kurt”

    A knockoff of a parody? Theme music is one of the most important parts of a wrestler’s presentation. Hearing the right kind of music playing to signal a wrestler’s entrance...

    HumorFebruary 17, 2023
  • Mick Foley Says He Is Unlikely To Appear On WWE TV Ever Again

    One more time would be nice. Wrestlers are in a weird situation when it comes to retirement. Unlike other athletes, wrestlers are able to keep going for one more match...

    NewsNovember 2, 2022
  • Mick Foley Opens Up On Health Issues From His Career

    That is never something you want to hear. There are all kinds of injuries and health issues that can cause serious problems for wrestlers. Some of them take place all...

    NewsOctober 30, 2022
  • WATCH: Mick Foley Releases Mr. In Your House Music Video (Hilarious)

    It suits him. There are certain wrestlers who are associated with certain events. Undertaker and Shawn Michaels are most famous for their Wrestlemania performances. Randy Orton has had some incredible...

    HumorOctober 1, 2022
  • WATCH: Mick Foley Reveals Extortion Attempt Against Him, Social Media Hacked

    NewsAugust 2, 2022
  • WWE Legend Agrees To New Deal With The Company

    He’ll be around for a bit. Over the history of wrestling, very few stars are able to truly stand out above the rest. It takes something special to make it...

    NewsJuly 12, 2022
  • They Had A Nice Day: Mick Foley Married Two Wrestlers Last Weekend

    That’s a side job. With such packed schedules, wrestlers rarely have that much free time on their hands. Whether it is wrestling for a national promotion or being on the...

    NewsFebruary 9, 2022
  • Mick Foley Could Return To The Ring (In A Special Way)

    One more match (kind of)? The Coronavirus has changed a lot of things in the wrestling world and that is going to continue to be the case for some time...

    NewsOctober 1, 2021