It wouldn’t be right if he wasn’t yelling. Raw Reunion was certainly a spectacle with all kinds of things going on. While a lot of legends appeared during the show, the big featured attractions were Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin. It was Austin who got the big closing segment, though there was no appearance from Vince McMahon. So what did McMahon think during the speech?

According to Fightful Select by way of, during Austin’s speech, McMahon was trying to get Austin’s music to start playing as the show was rapidly running out of time. During the speech, Austin seemed ready to wrap things up but started telling a story, only to be cut off by the music again to end the show. There is no word on any heat on Austin for letting the speech run long.

What else could it be? Check out the speech that had McMahon getting nervous:

Opinion: This makes a lot of sense as the speech did seem to go long, but what else were they going to do? Not have Austin, one of the two biggest stars on the show, say whatever he wanted? This kind of timing thing can happen and at least Austin got to say most of what he wanted. It was still a cool moment and really, Austin was the only person the show could have ended on.

What did you think of Austin’s speech? Should McMahon have appeared? Let us know in the comments below.

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