205 Live
Date: August 6, 2019
Location: Little Caesar’s Arena, Detroit, Michigan
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Vic Joseph, Aiden English

It’s time to set up a last minute challenger to the Cruiserweight Title for Sunday at Summerslam. That likely means a big multiman match because that’s how things go around here, whether it makes sense or not. It does fit with the chaotic nature, though it’s pretty clear who is going to be getting the shot. Let’s get to it.

Drake Maverick opens us up and talks about how personal last week was. He hopes that is the only time he has to get in the ring because he didn’t like going there. Mike Kanellis can still compete in the cruiserweight division and Drake will call things fairly. As for tonight: we need a new #1 contender.

Opening sequence.

Lince Dorado vs. Humberto Carrillo

Gran Metalik is here with Lince, who mentioned that he wasn’t too impressed by Carrillo last week so we even have a bit of a setup. Feeling out process to start with Lince going after the arm, allowing Carrillo to flip his way out. Carrillo works on his own wristlock so Lince headscissors him down for a break. They both miss dropkicks and things reset a bit. Carrillo knocks him to the floor but Dorado blocks the dive with a kick to the head. Dorado hits a springboard dive, setting up a springboard splash for two back inside. The chinlock goes on for a bit before Dorado cranks on both arms.

Back up and Carrillo tries his comeback but the springboard armdrag is pulled down to the mat. They trade basement dropkicks and it’s time for a breather. It’s Carrillo up first with a standing moonsault mostly connecting for two. Dorado kicks him out of the corner and heads up top for a heck of a high crossbody for two of his own. The Golden Rewind is blocked so Dorado settles for an over the shoulder gutbuster instead.

A top rope Fameasser over the middle rope keeps Carrillo in trouble but Dorado misses the top rope splash. Carrillo kicks him in the head for two and frustration is setting in. They go up top at the same time with Dorado being knocked back a few steps onto the ropes. Carrillo hits a heck of a dropkick to knock him to the floor but Dorado is fine enough to send him hard into the barricade. Carrillo almost gets back in but is pulled down onto the apron for the double countout at 11:55. It looked like Carrillo beat the count and the fans don’t seem convinced.

Result: Humberto Carrillo vs. Lince Dorado went to a double countout (11:55)

The flips were strong with this one:

Post match an annoyed Carrillo takes out both Lince and Metalik.

Tony Nese planned to get his Cruiserweight Title back last month but things didn’t go as he planned. He’ll get it back at Summerslam instead because he doesn’t know where he is in this division if he loses.

We look back at the ending to the opener.

Ariya Daivari talks to Dorado in the back. Everyone is talking about Carrillo when everyone should be talking about Dorado. Lince could be the breakout star of Lucha House Party, just like Seth Rollins in the Shield. All Lince has to do is lose the dead weight, but Lince doesn’t buy it. Daivari says he’ll win the title at Summerslam and maybe Dorado, without the House Party, can get the first shot. Metalik comes in and doesn’t seem pleased, though Dorado might be a bit intrigued.

Kalisto vs. Ariya Daivari vs. Tony Nese vs. Oney Lorcan vs. Jack Gallagher vs. Akira Tozawa

One fall to a finish with the winner getting the title shot against Drew Gulak on Sunday. Kalisto promises to win, Nese says it’s his birthday, Gallagher says he’s prepared for tonight and Sunday, Daivari doesn’t say anything, Lorcan says he knows Gulak and Tozawa, with Brian Kendrick by his side, promises to teach Gulak what it’s like to lose the title at Summerslam. Daivari walks out to start so Tozawa hits a suicide dive to take him down on the floor.

Back in and everyone gets in some shots on Daivari, who goes up top and….completely misses a splash to no one in particular. Everyone pairs off with Gallagher and Daivari fighting on the floor and Tozawa superkicking Kalisto. Nese punches Tozawa and ducks a clothesline with a nipup. Kalisto is right back up with a cartwheel off the middle rope into an armdrag, only to have Nese throw him into the corner. Lorcan and Nese chop it out in the ring but Lorcan dives onto the pile on the floor instead.

Nese’s Fosbury Flop takes down a bunch of people as well but Gallagher tops it with the Mary Poppins Drop onto everyone but Kalisto. That means one more dive but the other five catch Kalisto and throw him over the announcers’ table. Back in and Lorcan uppercuts Daivari out of the air, followed by the Blockbuster for two.

We get the big quadruple submission with Daivari breaking it up and annoying the fans. Kalisto’s springboard crossbody takes Daivari down and the hurricanrana driver gets two. Nese superkicks Lorcan and hits the sunset driver but Tozawa makes the save. Gallagher goes nuts on Nese and the headbutt is good for two. Kalisto catches Nese on top and knocks him into the Tree of Woe, only to have Nese sit up and set up a modified Tower of Doom to send Kalisto and Gallagher down at the same time.

Daivari’s top rope splash gets two on Tozawa to leave everyone down. Daivari and Lorcan chop it out to renew their old issues but everyone else is back up for the parade of secondary finishes. Nese’s running knee smashes Gallagher in the face but Lorcan’s half and half suplex is good for the pin at 11:35.

Result: Oney Lorcan b. Tony Nese, Akira Tozawa, Jack Gallagher, Kalisto and Ariya Daivari – Half and half suplex to Nese (11:35)

There are a lot of people here:


Post match Lorcan celebrates until Gulak comes out for the staredown to end the show.

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