It could be so much worse. There are several different kinds of injuries in wrestling. Sometimes a person is hurt in the blink of an eye and goes on the shelf immediately. Other times, an injury can build up over time and someone can work through it. Neither is a good option, but at least some of them are worse than others. We now know the details on a current WWE injury.

According to, Lashley is currently recovering from elbow surgery to remove some bone spurs. The injury is not considered career threatening in any way as it is a common procedure that requires a few months to heal. Lashley is currently scheduled to return to WWE on November 2, though this is a Saturday and the date is likely more of an approximation.

I wonder if this was part of it. Check out a big bump involving Lashley from last month:

Opinion: That’s quite the relief as the injury could have been something a lot worse. Bone spurs aren’t the best news in the world but at least they are something that can be cured and fixed in one move. Lashley is someone who can offer a lot to the company, even as a role player. Let him take the time off and heal, because at his age he might not have much time left in the ring.

What do you want to see Lashley do when he gets back? Who should he feud with first? Let us know in the comments below.

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