One of the biggest moments from this week’s Raw was the spot where Braun Strowman speared Bobby Lashley through the LED Board on the top of the stage. The moment caused pyrotechnics to go off and explosions to happen, causing Corey Graves to say “Holy S***”, which was unedited and without delay during the live broadcast.

But was this scripted?

According to the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radiothis was a scripted line and Graves meant to say it. The sense is that that they did the line in order to add to the recent efforts to make RAW seem more edgier.

Graves’ language was edited on the clip that was released to WWE’s YouTube channel. You can see it below:

And here’s the line un-edited:

It was also noted that while Heyman had influence over this week’s show, he has not taken over as the official Executive Director of Raw just yet.

Editor’s Opinion:

I had a hunch that this was the case. Other shows on the USA Network use this word, so it would make sense for WWE to do it as well. Furthermore, it helped to sell the situation and make it seem as real as possible, which the company did an excellent job of throughout the night.

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