Corey Graves

  • Congratulations: WWE Couple Announce Their Engagement

    Good for them! Wrestling is a very unique form of work and it comes with a rather unique lifestyle. Wrestlers are constantly on the road and it can be difficult...

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  • You Might Have Missed A Unique Feud Continuing This Week On WWE TV

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  • VIDEO: Corey Graves Insults Monday Night Raw Star, Gets Odd Response

    Maybe not? There are all kinds of people needed to make a wrestling show work and some of them are a lot more prominent than others. Some of those people...

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  • How Bayley’s Royal Rumble Rib Went Horribly Wrong

    You would think they would remember. Wrestling is a weird place as the people involved have to prevent themselves from going a bit nuts at times. Sometimes there are going...

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  • He Would Know Best: Mauro Ranallo Opens Up On Corey Graves Incident And Has A Surprising Reaction

    He has a good reaction to everything. One of the forgotten stories from the end of last year saw Mauro Ranallo walk out on WWE for a few shows over...

    NewsJanuary 31, 2020
  • A Harsh Peer Review: Corey Graves Blasts Monday Night Raw Multiple Times, Says To Fire Him

    I guess he isn’t a fan. I don’t think it’s a secret to say that Monday Night Raw has not been the most well received show in the world over...

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  • I Guess That Makes Sense? There Is A Simple Reason Why Corey Graves Has Not Been Punished For The Mauro Ranallo Situation

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  • The Other Side? WWE Has A Pretty Interesting Way Of Looking At The Corey Graves/Mauro Ranallo Situation

    That’s one way of looking at things. Last week saw WWE have a pretty successful few days with their Survivor Series events, including a solid SmackDown and Monday Night Raw,...

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  • It’s Not A Great Situation: Update On Mauro Ranallo’s Status And It’s Not A Positive One

    This doesn’t sound good. This past weekend was a huge one for both WWE and NXT, with a bunch of shows taking place, including the annual Survivor Series, which is...

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  • That Doesn’t Sound Good: Major Update On Mauro Ranallo/Corey Graves Situation, Including Graves’ Intention

    This is getting bad. WWE has just wrapped up a huge weekend with all kinds of things going on from a heck of a Takeover to a pretty solid Survivor...

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