Only three months into his recent position at WWE as the Executive Director of SmackDown, Eric Bischoff was replaced by Bruce Prichard. Not only was Bischoff relieved from his position as Executive Director, but his short tenure with the company was completely over.

Taking the high road among a swarm of controversy and speculation, Bischoff congratulated Prichard for his new role as Executive Director.

“Bruce is a great producer, good friend and I am certain he is going to thrive in his position. He’s going to be working with a great team of the most dedicated and hard working people I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know.”

Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live stated that Bischoff’s departure was expected due to the morale being low backstage, and the boom period that was predicted to occur when SmackDown moved to FOX never happened.

Alvarez added that many people did not like working with Bischoff, had nothing good to say about him, and he was often spotted in catering barely doing anything.

While these reports are not confirmed, Bischoff had high regards for WWE, and stated on his 83 Weeks podcast that he was really grateful for the opportunity although it did not work out the way he wanted. Regarding the negative reports about his time there, Bischoff stated that he is not going to spend much time clearing the rumors and innuendo, because “people are smart enough to see through the bulls***.”

To proverbially make lemonade out of lemons, Bischoff has now made t-shirts to joke about the “catering” report, as well as moving to Stamford, Connecticut, and back to his home in Cody, Wyoming in such a short time.

Finding this to be a brilliant idea, former TNA Knockout’s Champion Velvet Sky responded to the tweet.

Bischoff also stated in the podcast that he had some projects that he was working on before accepting the Executive Director role, and will resume them since he is no longer with the company. He added that he will also take some much-needed time to spend with his family.




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