How did I never put that together before? There are wrestling legends and then there is Hulk Hogan, who is one of if not the biggest legend in the history of wrestling. He has been a major star since 1984 (if not earlier) and is still treated as a big deal today. Hogan has several things that are famous ingredients to his formula, including the entrance music, the legdrop, the posing and the overall look. However, there is one thing that really stands out as a signature for Hogan: the red and yellow color scheme. It has been around forever, but where did it come from?

Hogan was recently interviewed by FOX as part of the promotional campaign for SmackDown on FOX. During the interview, Hogan was asked about where the red and yellow came from. Hogan talked about how he spent a long time looking for his right colors and never could come up with something that worked for him. At the same time though, he remembered watching wrestling as a kid in Tampa and seeing Randy Savage’s father Angelo Poffo in the ring with what Hogan described as an incredible tan. There was something else that Hogan noticed as well.

In addition to the tan, Hogan remembered seeing Poffo wear canary yellow trunks to the ring. Once Hogan became a star and could not find a color that worked for him, he used the yellow trunks and added in the red to compliment them. Hogan also gives credit to McDonald’s for the red and yellow colors, saying they inspired him as well. Before Hogan moved to the red and yellow, he occasionally wrestled in light blue or white trunks before moving to the red and yellow full time during his first reign as WWF Champion.

It’s quite the explanation. Checkout the interview:

Opinion: This is one of those things that you don’t think about very often but it is something that worked very well for Hogan over the years. The red and yellow are some of the most iconic colors in wrestling history and are recognizable even to this day, when Hogan has been mostly retired for over fifteen years. He found something that worked perfectly for him and has ridden the look that entire time, even if it was done by an already famous wrestler and the world’s most famous restaurant.

Do you like the red and yellow gear? Who has the best ring attire? Let us know in the comments below.

One more thing. Since you might not be familiar with him, check out a Poffo match and see Randy Savage’s father in action:

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