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    He’ll be around for a bit. There are a lot of people who come together to produce an edition of any WWE television, with the wrestlers themselves often not being...

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  • Where Paul Heyman’s Firing May Be Leading On The Road To WrestleMania 38

    We’re on the way. The year is almost over and in WWE terms, that means it is time to start the Road To WrestleMania 38. That includes more than a...

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  • That Explains It: Why Vince McMahon Pulled Paul Heyman From Talking Smack

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  • VIDEO: Paul Heyman Tries To Get In A Match After SmackDown

    The hot tag specialist. A manager can be one of the most valuable parts of a show as you can have them do all kinds of things. They offer something...

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  • Funny Video: Kayla Braxton Is Paul Heyman For Halloween

    Tis the season. Wrestlers often have a tricky job as they have to be a mixture of athletes, actors and characters, all at the same time. There are so many...

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  • Paul Heyman Teases Surprising Addition To The Bloodline

    That would be a way to go. Stables have been used in wrestling for a very long time and will continue to be as well. They are an idea that...

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