Hey…..yo that’s impressive. The trials and tribulations of Scott Hall have made major headlines over the last several years. His battles with substance abuse have caused many a sad scene for wrestling fans, though things have certainly seemed to turn around, partially due to Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga program. It seems to have done wonders for Hall’s mind and now you can add his body to the list.

Hall has posted a picture to his Twitter page, showing off a vastly improved physique. The picture has received praise on WWE.com and Hall seems pleased as well, saying that he looks this way at 58 years old. The picture shows off quite the transformation, with Hall looking nearly as in shape as he did during his career.

Opinion: I’ve been a Scott Hall fan for a long time now and it’s very nice to see him come out of all the problems he’s had over the years. To be as far down as he was and come out of it looking like he does is an amazing sight. Hopefully his mind is as toned as his body because he’s looking better than he has in years.

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What’s your favorite Hall match? Do you think he’d be a good choice to work in NXT? Let us know in the comments below.


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