It takes a champion to known a champion, it would seem.

Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Nashville Predators 2-0 in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals, winning the series 4-2 and capping off a run of back-to-back seasons as the top team in the NHL.

WWE has sent a custom title to the Stanley Cup Champions, long with a personalized tweet from Triple H:

Several superstars also commented on the championship victory:

“The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels is also a Penguins fan, as last season, a group of three of their stars, Carl Hagelin, Nick Bonino and Phil Kessel, became known as the “HBK line.”

The Bella Twins play hockey: Total Divas, August 25, 2015

Editor’s Note:

I must admit that even though I was pulling for a Game 7, that championship belt looks awesome. It’s always cool for me to see how creative WWE gets when they send custom titles to winning sports franchises. I wonder if it will end up becoming a tradition across all sports platforms? Imagine a golfer holding up a WWE title after The Masters. That would be hilarious.

What do you think of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Stanley Cup victory and championship belt? Leave us a comment below, or post a comment on our Facebook page!



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