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  • WATCH: The Outsiders vs. Lex Luger, Sting & Randy Savage From WCW Bash at the Beach 1996

    New, New, New World Order. WWE has posted a new video to its YouTube channel showing the full match between The Outsiders vs. Lex Luger, Sting & Randy Savage from WCW...

    VideosJune 16, 2022
  • WWE May Have Had Plans For Scott Hall And The NWO

    NewsMarch 25, 2022
  • KB’s Review: The Hall Of Hall

    I’m not going to bother suggesting anything else this week. Over the weekend, news broke that Scott Hall has suffered three heart attacks due to complications after hip replacement surgery....

    BlogsMarch 16, 2022
  • The Wrestling World Pays Tribute To Scott Hall

    The kind words. There are certain wrestlers who are going to make a bigger impact than others. This might be due to something that they do in the ring or...

    NewsMarch 16, 2022
  • WATCH: WWE And Wrestlers Pay Tribute To Scott Hall On Monday Night Raw

    Some weren’t so subtle. It is never easy to lose a wrestling legend. You never know when someone might go and it can be even worse when someone is gone...

    NewsMarch 15, 2022
  • Scott Hall Passes Away At Age 63

    We have some sad news to report tonight as WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall has passed away at the age of 63. From A hugely influential Superstar, Hall...

    NewsMarch 15, 2022
  • Scott Hall On Life Support After Suffering Three Heart Attacks

    NewsMarch 13, 2022
  • WWE Hall Of Famer Suffers Nasty Injury

    That isn’t good to hear. Wrestlers are larger than life characters who get your attention no matter what they are doing. That can make for some interesting moments, which is...

    NewsMarch 2, 2022
  • An Odd Fit. Bret Hart Claims He Was Offered Leadership Of The Kliq, Scott Hall And Kevin Nash Respond And Hart Does Too.

    Even legends argue sometimes. There have been a lot of major names to grace the wrestling ring over the years. Some of these stars achieve their fame for different reasons...

    NewsOctober 13, 2019
  • Video: Independent Wrestling Promotion Calls Out Scott Hall For Lying About Canceled Appearance

    Double shot. Wrestling is a hard business to get out of. While some people manage to come out of the other side and go on to do something else, there...

    NewsMay 18, 2019