The future is now. WWE is a unique form of sports entertainment, but at the same time, it has quite a few similarities to any regular spot. While the lineup that it currently has is working in certain ways, some changes are going to have to be made at some point to keep things fresh. At some point you have to move some new names up the card, and WWE is considering just that.

Much like so many other mainstream sports, titles are what matter the most in wrestling. It can be so simple to put a title on the line in a match and have a feud build as a result. At the same time, winning a title can change everything for a wrestler as it puts them on the map. The first title can mean everything, and that is what WWE is taking a look at as we start the new year.

This sounds promising. Check out what WWE is looking for:

WWE has released a video looking at 5 Superstars Who’ll Be Champions in 2021. The list includes wrestlers from Monday Night Raw, SmackDown, some of whom have been champions before. The list does not mention which titles the wrestlers will be winning in the new year. There have yet to be any title changes so far in 2021 and none of the names on the list have title matches scheduled.

Opinion: I can always go with something like this, but the interesting thing is that WWE would know who they are going to put titles on in the near future, meaning that this might be a bit more than a preview. That could certainly be interesting in a lot of ways too, as there are several wrestlers in WWE today who could use the boost that a title can bring them.

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