• Riddle Revives Feud With Goldberg With New Shot

    There’s the next shot. Wrestling is built on the idea of seeing people who do not like each other facing off in the ring. That is a great way to...

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  • Backstage WWE Argument Settled Recently

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  • WATCH: 5 Wrestlers Who Will Win WWE Titles In 2021

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  • AJ Styles Picks The Future Stars Of WWE

    He has some status. While the company might not always use them as well as possible, there is some incredible talent up and down the WWE roster. Not only do...

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  • Hulk Hogan’s Surprising Choice For WWE’s Next Breakout Star

    That’s some serious praise. Whether you like him or not, there are very few names in the history of wrestling on the level of Hulk Hogan. Hogan becoming WWF Champion...

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