Add it to the resume. Wrestlers are in a weird place when it comes to celebrity status. Yes they are on national television for at least two hours a week, but they are also in the bubble of just being a wrestler. Most of the time that is all they are known for and that makes it more difficult for them to be treated as a star outside of the wrestling scene. Some wrestlers escape it though and now another is making a mainstream appearance.

Over the last thirty years, there are very few wrestlers on the same level as Booker T. After being one of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of WCW, he went on to become a very successful WWE wrestler, even winning the World Heavyweight Championship at one point. Throw in the awesome catchphrase and the incredible in-ring talent and it is easy to see why he became a star. Now that star power is showing up a bit outside of the ring.

That’s a pretty cool tribute. Check out Booker T.’s tribute song:

Rapper Bad Bunny has released a music video for his song Booker T., featuring Booker T. himself throughout the video. The song was released in November with the music video being released on Saturday, January 2. In less than twenty four yours, the video has already been seen over 6.8 million times. Bad Bunny is a known wrestling fan and has featured Ric Flair in a previous video.

Opinion: That’s one of the cooler things you can see for a wrestler as someone from a bit more of the mainstream world is not only including him but also featuring him. Having a cameo is one thing but having the entire video dedicated to you is quite another. Booker T. is quite the character and it makes sense to have him doing something like this, though it isn’t something you see very often.

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