It’s a new day for old stuff, yes it is. With wrestling being as popular as it has been in history, there have been a lot of different merchandising and licensed items over the years. Some of these are great and some of them are downright ridiculous, but most of them are somewhere in between. However, we might be in for the return of one of the coolest items imaginable.

A lot of WWE fans have a fondness for CM Punk’s time on top of the company and it is easy to see why. He was one of the best talkers in the business at the time and could have a good match with just about anyone. Some of his promos are as memorable as anyone’s from that time, but there was one thing he said that always stood out, even if it was just a joke. Now though, the joke is becoming a reality.

As announced on Twitter and seen on the company’s website, ice cream company Good Humor is bringing back WWE ice cream bars, albeit in a slightly modified form as an ice cream sandwich. The ice cream bars were originally released in the 1980s and Punk referenced them several times during promos. There is no word on when the ice cream bars will be released.

The company has a history with ice cream. Check out some of the bigger moments:

A refreshing look back at WWE ice cream bars

Opinion: Well I’m thrilled. This is one of those things that felt like a joke but with everything else WWE sells, it’s not unreasonable to have ice cream with someone from the company included. It’s not something that is likely going to last long but at least it is something fun that we might hear about a few times. Hopefully they come everywhere because I could certainly go for a box or four.

What is your favorite WWE item? Would you eat a WWE ice cream bar? Let us know in the comments below.

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