CM Punk

  • WRESTLING RUMORS: Interesting Note On CM Punk Backstage In AEW

    He’s in his own place. Earlier this year, CM Punk made his AEW debut in one of the biggest moments the company has ever seen. Punk was instantly one of...

    NewsDecember 23, 2021
  • WATCH: AEW’s CM Punk Appears On ESPN SportsNation

    NewsDecember 23, 2021
  • KB’s Review: Just What I Always Wanted

    The last week has been the week of talking, with three major talking segments of varying quality. That had me thinking about some kind of a look at all three...

    BlogsDecember 1, 2021
  • Eddie Kingston: An Imperfect Hero For An Imperfect World

    No matter how they tell the story of professional wrestling, it is always the same. Good vs. evil; babyface vs. heel. The fans cheer for their favorite hero to finally...

    FeaturesNovember 19, 2021
  • AEW Confirms Two More Big Matches For Full Gear

    Keep piling them on. We are just over a week away from AEW’s next pay per view offering with Full Gear, meaning the company shouldn’t have much left to do...

    NewsNovember 6, 2021
  • KB’s Review: Give Them Two Stars

    I think it’s safe to say that AEW has been a success so far. You can argue about their audience/demo (or please don’t) but it is clear that they have...

    BlogsNovember 4, 2021
  • WATCH: CM Punk Rips WWE Booking, Talks About Its “Formula”

    NewsNovember 1, 2021
  • Watch: Huge Segment Involving CM Punk From After AEW Dynamite

    We’re not quite done. There are a lot of wrestling events throughout any given week and some of them are a little bit bigger than others. The most prominent ones...

    NewsOctober 24, 2021
  • Roman Reigns Slams CM Punk, Says A Match “Doesn’t Do Anything For Him”

    That would be a dream match. The battle lines have been drawn between WWE and AEW, as both companies clearly have their eyes on each other in one way or...

    NewsOctober 16, 2021
  • CM Punk Reveals New Details On Famous Pipe Bomb Promo

    What could have been. There are certain moments in wrestling that fans remember for a long time to come. Some of them are remembered for better reasons than others, but...

    NewsOctober 7, 2021